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About Topline Join Topline and build tools to help founders run and grow their businesses. Topline is revolutionizing startup funding by offering fast and straightforward access to capital. We integrate directly with startups' billing and accounting services, and we need your help making the connections between those services and our servers. With your skills, we can better understand the startups we want to fund and those startups can better understand themselves. We're looking for someone who knows TypeScript and JavaScript, and has built integrations with financial APIs like Stripe, Plaid, and QuickBooks. If you're looking for an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an exciting FinTech startup and work with hundreds of other growing companies, this is the job for you. We are a small team focused on hiring a solid core of founding engineers. We've chosen reliable, well maintained tools (TypeScript, React, NestJS/Express, Postgres, Redis) and we use an understandable and reproducible deployment system (Docker, DigitalOcean, CircleCI) to make sure that we can focus on our product. Requirements Deep knowledge of JavaScript and TypeScript Integrated production services with financial APIs Understands OAuth and API key based authentication Built and deployed a backend application using Node Built an application that runs background jobs Understands SQL and has worked with relational databases like Postgres Deployed an application with multiple instances Used a messaging/queuing system (bull, rabbitmq, kafka, redis consumer groups) Enjoys using git as a version control system Nice to have Worked with an app platform before (heroku, digital ocean, firebase, amplify, netlify, or next.js) Familiar with React and route-based REST APIs Deployed and maintains a website or application Used NestJS to build a web application Basic knowledge of business accounting Worked on a distributed team Things you'll do Design systems to authenticate and retrieve data from external APIs like Stripe and QuickBooks Maintain healthy connections to external APIs and measure the health of the connections we hold on our customers' behalf Build an intuitive and understandable integration flows, with the help of a designer, for customers to connect Topline to their financial partners Work closely with other engineers to ensure we are able to fetch data from external APIs on behalf of our customer while respecting API limits Work directly with startup founders to get feedback on our tools Reasons we think we're different You'll commit and deploy code on your first day. You get to talk directly to SaaS founders every day if you want to. We don't work on weekends and we don't expect anyone to work late We typically merge pull requests quickly. No more waiting hours or days for your code to get to production. We have a CI and build system that makes sense and works reliably We use tools like TypeScript, ESLint, and Prettier to make it easy to develop as a team We use unit tests and integration tests so that we're confident our production code works We use smoke tests and schema validations to prevent bugs from reaching production We follow 12 factor principles

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