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About If you ever had to organize an event for your company, you know it’s a stressful and painful process that involves finding a venue, catering, maybe housing, waiting for quotes, comparing, booking, and praying that it will all go as planned. Kactus was born to make that experience fast and simple. We are developing and growing a B2B marketplace that connects venue managers to their future customers, through a simple, well-designed search engine and booking experience. To facilitate contractualisation and payment, we have developed our own set of tools like quoting and invoicing software, which enables venue managers to completely digitalize their business activity on Kactus. Since we launched in 2016, more than 10 000 companies have used our platform. We aim to become the European leader of Corporate Events booking in a few years. Financially, we are backed by Idinvest (Blablacar’s fund) and the French BPI and have raised a 3M€ in 2020. We are a remote-first company of 25 people, which means you can work from wherever you feel best, as long as you stay in a +2/-2 time range from Paris. If you live in Paris, we also have an HQ near Republique where you can work, though it is not required: we intend to stay remote-first even after COVID clears out.   Discover Kactus  What you’ll be working on You will be joining our product engineering team, working on: Venue onboarding: As a marketplace, we grow when we increase transactions between supply demand. Being able to rapidly onboard new venues is a key challenge to unlock growth. Instant booking: Users should be able to instantly book venues for small standard gatherings. Having the right data about price availability is a really hard and exciting challenge The booking experience: we exist to make the booking experience as simple as possible, which means improving our search experience, quote exchange system, invoicing software, or payment methods. Performance: Growing a Rails application has its sets of challenges when it comes to performance, but we are determined to prove that Rails can scale. Your responsibilities We work in 4-weeks cycles during which you will lead your own projects, be responsible for organizing the tasks, and delivering the project by the end of the cycle. We don’t have a scrum master who organizes the work for developers. At Kactus, developers manage their own projects and are trusted to make the right decisions. In between cycles, you will also be involved in the early phase of projects, and work with a Designer or PM to suggest alternative solutions and ensure the viability of a design. To manage our projects and communicate, we work on Basecamp and favor asynchronous communication whenever possible. What’s it like to work with us Team: We’re about 4 developers, 1 designer, 1 product manager, and the CTO Technology: We’re on Rails 6 with Stimulus in Javascript for our front-end and a PostgreSQL database. We’re running on Heroku. Flexible work environment: as a remote-first company, you can work from where you feel best Transparency: decisions, revenue figures, and salaries are transparent. There is no taboo at Kactus. Responsibility: we trust our developers to lead and organize their projects in autonomy. Routines: We do daily check-ins via Basecamp and have 1 team meeting on Fridays to discuss issues collectively. We try to avoid meetings whenever possible and prefer written, asynchronous communication. Entrepreneurial culture: as we’re still relatively small, we welcome every initiative that helps us move forward Perks Benefits We cover the expenses to set up your work environment at home/coworking expenses A new Macbook Pro or equivalent 4 team seminars/year in great locations to socialize and connect Complementary health insurance: Alan Package: starting at 60k€ + equity (BSPCE) Continuous training: we invest up to 20% of our time in personal training 5 additional days off per year About you We are looking for an experienced fullstack developer (Rails) who is: Enthusiastic about our product and what we’re building Able to lead complex technical projects in autonomy from concept to shipping Is open-minded and a team player Skills we’re looking for Strong engineering background Strong knowledge of Rails 4+ years of experience as a fullstack dev on a web product Ability to manage large technical projects in autonomy Very autonomous Entrepreneurial and self-motivated Good communicator (written verbal) Ability to communicate professionally in French English Recruitment process The whole process can fit within 3 weeks:1) Interview with CTO2) Technical interview with a member of the tech team3) Reference checks4) Immersion day Meet the Kactus team

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