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FRONT-END SPECIALIST DEVELOPER TLDR;We're building something that's not easy, we need the best, you can work from home, we have an annual company trip, and you'll get a deep level of satisfaction. IC role, target is to build and deploy better looking Event management UIs then exist on the market and set a front-end standard for our company. LocationOverlapping most EST hoursReport toDirector of Platform EngineeringDescriptionYou’re exceptional with building application front-ends with a keen eye for UI and UX. You're not a UI/UX designer, but you know a bad experience when you see one with ideas on how to correct them. You’re a specialist. You can work with any front-end language, not just React vs Angular. You have a public profile of personal projects you’ve worked on, simply because you love it. You’ll make magic happen with our Events app’s attendee facing UIs, for responsive desktop/mobile and our forthcoming mobile app.You’re someone who'll try to do something even if it doesn't make sense all for the sake of comparison and feedback.Your vision will guide the direction of our company. You should be a progressive and modern thinker. Why is our work importantOur apps provide our customers what they’re looking for with Events and Payments without being hard to set up. Most apps in our space take weeks to implement, ours take hours, and they work more flexibly, achieving significantly more functionality than our competitors. TrajectoryIC (individual Contributor) or Management. We’re a 28 person team growing quickly. We’re at the precipice of the classic SaaS hockey stick growth chart and are now starting to scale, so those who produce will be able to define their own path. We deliver a bigger scope of your responsibilities then larger companies and your impact will be directly quantifiable to the success of the company and our customers. Onboarding ProcessYou’ll work with the our platform team to learn our stack and vision over the course of many months, but will be expected to begin contributing within a few days. Relation of work to other departmentsYour prime responsibility is owning the customer-facing front-end of application stack, primarily around our Events app. You’ll work with everyone on the team in solutioning new features, testing with our success team, and will occasionally join customer calls for trickier testing and feature delivery. What the job will bring youSet a standard for our front-end. We’ll be building new UIs for our products, focusing on our Events UIs, across multiple front-end languages, working with our now-hiring-for UI/UX designer. You’ll have ownership over the front-end architecture, under the approval of our CTO. Responsibilities Build new and modify existing event interfaces. Lists, calendars, overviews/landing/detail pages, and new concepts. Example of today: Work closely with our product team Build anything else asked of you without ever just agreeing, always chime in with your opinion of what you’re building and voice your technical approach. We’re bringing you on to be our most senior front-end technical resource, so we’ll look to you for following best practices. Core Requirements 2+ years of Angular 2+ with proof (Github or part of past work). Not AngularJS. 10+ years as a developer Experience with multiple programming languages Experience working with multiple environments (Windows, Linux, MacOS) 10+ years with HTML/CSS/Javascript Clean and efficient HTML layouts Extensive practical knowledge of CSS Strong fundamentals in core Javascript language and Object Oriented Programming 6+ years building UIs for software applications 6+ years working with APIs Git, Cucumber, Linting concepts, MEAN vs LAMP stacks, React and Angular are all either languages or concepts you’ve mastered and are now teaching others how to do better with Personal Requirements Excellent English written and oral communication Detailed and organized Happy working from home Self-learner Happy in a fast-paced environment Ideally in the NYC Metro area, else will overlap all EST hours. What We Offer An incredible team of smart and supportive people A deep feeling of satisfaction and completion Work from home Health insurance Company trip Benefits401k, Healthcare, Maternity/Paternity Leave, Annual Company TripStackCypress/Cucumber, Github, Angular, React, Heroku/AWS, Mongo + MySQL, REST APIs, Salesforce, VS Code (primary), Ionic

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