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01 — Overview Industry Problems Restaurants often have staff who have worked with them for years (sometimes decades) whose work goes unnoticed and unrecognized. This dynamic can lead to people feeling unseen and unvalued. When this happens, staff will get burnt out and want to quit. Product Solutions We are creating a web app to positively reinforce restaurant staff so they continue to work hard at their jobs. The app will give managers the ability to create tasks, allow makers to complete tasks, and for performance to be tracked and rewarded. Makers will appreciate the app because they will be incentivized to keep working hard and at high quality. Managers will enjoy the app because they will have the ability to easily organize their kitchen staff’s work and see helpful analytics on their staff performance. 02 — Scope Role We need a frontend Vue 3 developer who can create an Ionic app from screen components in Storybook. Our app is using the Ionic framework with Vue 3 and has already been initialized. We have a dedicated UI developer (Josh) who creates the screen UIs from designs in Figma. Your responsibility would be to take those UIs and give them functionality, creating the finished product by integrating with backend APIs written by our backend developer (Dhanish). Expertise Required Vue 3 (not just Vue 2) Progressive Web Apps (PWA), especially current cross-platform capabilities Calling a backend API (HTTP) Proficiency with Typescript Asynchronous code (async/await, or promises) CSS Custom Properties (aka CSS Variables) Helpful experience Ionic Framework (v6) Firebase / Google Cloud Bonus points You have experience with Storybook You've worked with state machines (XState) Budget We will be payed per epic. More to come in next phase of the onboarding process. Utilization You’ll be expected to complete a mutually agreed upon set of tasks per one-week sprint until the epic is completed. Timeline Each sprint needs to be finished in 1-2 months. 03 — Project Process Method This project will be organized in a one-week sprint structure. We will hold the following meetings to help stay aligned and on track: Monday morning Sprint Review and Planning to look over the work that we’ve accomplished, address any inefficiencies, and identify the tasks we will focus on next. Frequent text-based stand-ups to make sure we are all on track and not blocked 04 — Next Steps Step 1 Developer to send a 3-5 minute video which shows a demo of a web app made using Vue. Video should include: A look at the front-end functionality A look at the code Comments on what role the developer played in creating the app Note: Developers who do not submit this video will not be considered as highly as those who do. Sending this video shows you've read this far, demonstrated the value of the collaboration, and respect the hiring process we're implementing  Step 2 Company to share the repository and API documentation for review. Step 3 An optional skill assessment to ensure developer has the expertise needed for the project. Step 4 Sign contractor agreement and begin the project.

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