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MISSION “THE WHY”   As a Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack) you will be working closely with your peers, product, design and leadership to build amazing products and features for the Deputy platform, delivering services and products to millions of users and businesses from small medium to enterprise. You wake up every morning knowing with confidence that the work you do, from the user facing experiences to the backend APIs are being used to power the livelihood of millions of users worldwide. Responsibilities “THE WHAT” Work with our product and design team to build the best workforce management platform in the world Build high performance, high quality software using modern industry best practices, i.e: clean modern architecture, automated testing, DDD, etc Contribute to improving the engineering capability of your domain expertise (backend, frontend, etc) Align with our Design, Engineering and Product principles to build product technical solutions that drive customer value Who you are “THE HOW” Be language agnostic, we use PHP, Golang, JS, CSS, HTML. Expertise in building APIs, Restful or RPCs and design best practices. We use OpenAPI/Swagger and gRPC. Deep knowledge in relational and noSQL datastores, we use MySQL, Redis and AWS services like S3, DynamoDB, etc. Experience in building frontends in popular frameworks, we use ES6, Vue.js, jQuery, Backbone.js and SASS. Experience with modern build, techniques, architectures and practices. We use AWS, ECS, Lambda, Docker, Jenkins, etc.  

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