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Hi, I’m Chris, a co-founder and CTO at Navattic. I’m excited about this role because it has many responsibilities I want as an engineer. As a senior product engineer, you’ll take ownership over large portions of our product and own projects end-to-end (wearing engineering, product, and design hats). You'll find that engineers on the team enjoy the benefits of being cross-disciplinary. For example, we'll 1) talk to customers to better understand their pain points, 2) design the look and feel of new features, 3) build it, and finally 4) open Pull Requests for review. Here are a few examples of what engineers have built their first month on the job: Make the capturing process feel like magic to our customers and "just work". Under the hood, there is more than meets the eye! Having a battle tested understanding of Web APIs and browser specifications comes in handy for developing clever heuristics. Improved capture replay process to restore the native feel of SPAs. To maintain the fidelity of applications, we've had to develop essentially our own frontend framework. Expanded the customizability of guides so that it can better match our customer's brand. Added features to our capture editor, to allow our customers to tell a more tailored story. These are just the tip of the iceberg for the challenges we face everyday. The landscape is vast and uncharted for building replay-able software, and we're just getting started with what's possible. We're fortunate to have grown from 9 → 140+ customers in the last year, and we have great investors like Y Combinator, 645 Ventures, Canvas Ventures and strategic angels.This is a U.S. based position. We also ask for 2+ years of full-stack engineering experience.   Engineering culture We want to provide the environment where you can do your best work. So far that's meant having a deep sense of trust in each other's work. We perform code reviews, deliver feedback and share new learnings, but we expect that opening a Pull Requests for review means that it is high-fidelity code ready for production. This enables us each to have ownership over new feature development, and ensures that it's a quick, safe, and regular occurrence.   Collaboration is natural; communication is deliberate Engineers at Navattic (and the entire team) are naturally curious, have deep end-user empathy, and are earnest to collaborate. These attributes create an environment where collaboration happens naturally (we filter for it in interviews). We’ve found that extended periods of focus, combined with a bias towards action, are powerful amplifiers of productivity at Navattic.   Increase leverage, not team size We built Navattic with the quality, breadth, and depth that many customers would expect from much larger teams over larger time scales. We’ve done this through investment in: Top-notch developer tooling We’ve invested in using modern tooling in many parts of our tech stack. Our CI/CD pipeline helps us deploy quickly, automated testing makes sure it's safe, and custom playground environments. We're comfortable developing our own tools when we can't find one that does the job. Building blocks to create powerful and customizable demos, fast Our no-code builders are powerful and easy to use (see an interactive demo). Building extensible "building blocks" when possible is a core part of our design philosophy.   Interview process At Navattic, our team and interview process want to help you show your best self. We’ll dive into past projects and provide additional context on Navattic. Our interview process is three rounds: 30-minute introduction call A technical screen (take home task) Call with the founding team You’ll meet the founding team and get the chance to show off your technical aptitude. If we don’t give an offer, we’ll provide feedback!   Technology stack TypeScript (frontend backend), React, Next.js, GraphQL, Tailwind, Prisma, Vitess, Vite, Cloudflare WorkersWhile we don't necessarily require previous experience in the above technologies, a love for developing performant, beautiful applications is a major plus.   Benefits Competitive salary and early-stage equity Bi-annual offsites (last fall we went to San Diego!) WeWork All-Access passes Top-notch health insurance for you and your dependents.   Navattic’s success hinges on hiring great people and creating an environment where they can do their best work. We’re being deliberate about building that environment like that. I hope that excites you enough to apply. Navattic provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetics, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. We are committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce and welcome people from all backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and abilities.

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