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Orange Comet is seeking a Product Manager with expertise in Free-to-Play mobile games. Our ideal candidate will be adept at performing market analysis and revenue forecasts, as well as diving into the nuts and bolts of increasing player retention and monetization. We are open to filling this position with a Global Contractor. Responsibilities: Tune in-game economy by balancing the progression system, as well as the pricing of items and managing events and sales to maximize revenue. Design and implement new features, improvements and game operation strategies to maximize player acquisition, engagement, retention, and satisfaction. Write clear and actionable product specifications, and effectively communicate ideas to the team for implementation. Partner with product teams to prioritize their efforts - accounting for delivery timelines, revenue impacts, and opportunity costs. Work closely with the game design and analytics team to define and implement telemetry/tracking events, reporting and data visualization tools. Analyze game metrics to generate hypotheses and create A/B testing experiments with clear and measurable success criteria. Perform teardowns and analyses of competitor feature sets, live updates, economy balance, in-game merchandising, and player behavior profiles and translate best practices into actionable product strategy and tactical roadmaps. Work with the game and leadership teams to build the game’s business strategy. Regularly present reports to leadership and stakeholders on product health, opportunities, risks, and mitigation strategies for the risks. Collaborate with the finance team to develop revenue forecasts, budgeting models, and pricing structures that align with the overall business objectives. Design and implement data-driven economic models to simulate and forecast the impact of various pricing, promotions, and virtual economy changes. Requirements Minimum of 3 years of experience as a product manager for Free-to-Play mobile games with a demonstrated history of using data-driven approaches. Have successfully launched at least one game with a proven monetization model. Ability to work remotely and independently. Exceptional communication skills facilitating effective collaboration across teams and time zones. Deep understanding of growth, engagement and retention principles and mechanics. Experience analyzing large data sets to identify trends and areas for improvement. Experience A/B testing design assumptions in a live environment to optimize game performance and maximize revenue. Quantitative modeling skills to estimate the effect of potential ideas and scenarios. Ability to model out in-game economies using multiple currencies, progression systems, and sinks and sources. Deep passion for games and ability to evaluate and break down the components of what makes a successful live game. Nice to Have: Business or quantitative bachelor's degree. Proficiency in data analysis tools and languages such as SQL, R, Python, or similar. Benefits Awesome company culture along with a fully remote position (best of both worlds!) A rewarding role with opportunities to see yourself and the company grow. We’re proud to be a Great Place to Work-Certified™ company! Orange Comet is full of passionate and highly skilled individuals. We dream together, learn from each other, have fun and make a difference every day. Our culture is based on deep trust, individual freedom, and personal responsibility. About the Company Orange Comet is a next-generation gaming and entertainment company creating immersive web3-enabled games in partnership with the biggest entertainment properties in the world. By blending super-creative content and cutting-edge technology, our mission is to revolutionize the gaming landscape for the fanbases of our clients. We are powered by a passionate group of people who believe the future of all entertainment and media is on the verge of a revolution, and our diverse backgrounds, experiences, and industries, work to help our clients shape their businesses for the next generation of gaming opportunities that awaits. Additional Information: The base salary range for a full-time position is $50,000-$200,000 USD+ benefits. Our salary ranges are determined by role, level, and location. The range displayed on each job posting reflects the minimum and maximum target for new hire salaries for the position across all US locations. Within the range, individual pay is determined by work location and additional factors, including job-related skills, experience, and relevant education or training. Our team can share more about the specific salary range for your preferred location during the hiring process. Please note that the compensation details listed in US role postings reflect the base salary only, and do not include bonus, equity, or benefits.

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