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Mission The product analyst will assist in Super Dispatch's growth by unlocking data behind our user's behaviors and executing engagement improving experiments. Outcomes Perform strategic and ad-hoc data work in support of Product Managers Develop dashboards and define metrics that inform success for the Product team and Executive team Explore and segment data to identify and explain key drivers create a narrative around the why behind user behaviors within the product Create the product experimentation roadmap and empowering the constantly evolving customer experience Freemium User engagement KPIs defined and improved Develop user archetypes and build dashboards to demonstrate their usage patterns Explain trends across data sources, potential opportunities for growth or improvement, and data caveats for descriptive, diagnostic, predictive (including forecasting), and prescriptive data projects Competencies Quantitative undergraduate degree (such as math, finance, computer science, engineering, etc.) Analytical thinking, understanding nuances of individual data points Proficient in SQL, Tableau experience a plus Knowledgeable on relational databases Communication skills, ability to collaborate, and speak the language of our Creative, Product, Engineering, and Executive teams

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