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Job Summary: The Head of Product Management drives the coordination, management, and execution of all product initiatives for the organization. This is a senior executive role reporting to the CEO. This role oversees both product development and product releases to ensure that we develop and deploy winning products. This is a true “linchpin” role acting as the product management heartbeat of the entire organization.  This position is remote. Can be based anywhere in the US. As the head of the Product Management Office, you are a central hub within our company for information about our products, market, competitors, customers, prospects, key industry analysts, and other stakeholders. You will need to continually gather and analyze data and business intelligence from all of these sources (as well as your internal sources like sales and customer service) — and use this data to inform the evolution of your product roadmaps. A key factor in the success of your job is how well you communicate and explain the why of product choices to all stakeholders.  This role is NOT accountable for Product Strategy, Product Engineering, or Product Marketing. Rather, it is a support, prioritization, and coordination role for these and other organizational functions. For example, the Product Management Office does not set the long-range product strategy. Instead, it assists the Product Strategy function in the identification of the optimal product strategy and it translates that strategy into short-range priorities and requirements for the Product Engineering team to build. Similarly, this role is NOT accountable for Product Marketing but works with Product Marketing as well as Sales, Operations, Finance and other functions to ensure that new product releases have the right message, training, pricing, promotion, and coordinated release to be successful. Mindset and Approach Given that you will need to interact with a broad range of stakeholders and departments to ensure your products' success, and that you will need to translate the input and data you gather to build a case for the decisions you present in your roadmap, having the right mindset and approach is critical. The ideal candidate will thrive at: Being fully transparent about your prioritization and roadmap process and being able to say “no” as needed, but explaining why in terms that stakeholders understand Being a ruthless prioritizer while balancing the needs of customers and stakeholders Being able to lead mostly through influence and process Bringing evidence-based decision-making to your communications Building a culture of accountability by leadership and example   Job Duties and Responsibilities Astutely make and communicate all short-range product roadmap prioritization decisions Publish, maintain, and educate all stakeholders on the current product roadmap and product roadmap process Ensure smooth communication and project coordination, both upstream and downstream, among multiple departments involved or impacted by product development and releases Manage a small team that may include product managers, product owners, analysts, and others within the Product Management Office Set up and monitor appropriate product performance targets supporting the broader leadership team and ensure alignment with overall strategic priorities Develop, maintain, and communicate the product lifecycle model for all products Support the head of Product Strategy in the constant evolution of the strategic product direction of the organization Support the heads of Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Strategy to set pricing to meet revenue and profitability goals Brief and train the sales force at quarterly sales meetings Brief press and analysts and go on press tours   Required Education, Skills and Experience: Bachelor's degree (Master's degree/MBA is preferred) Demonstrated success defining and launching excellent products 7+ years of experience in a senior executive leadership role, preferably as a Product Manager or Product Marketing Manager or equivalent Extensive experience in product development, product marketing, product strategy sales, services, customer relations, and strategic planning Proven success establishing strong relationships and working across all functions within an organization Strong decision-making and problem-solving skills Proven experience in enabling a fast-growing organization with the information and insights needed to execute effectively and efficiently Excellence in enabling data analysis and performance/operation metrics monitoring for all stakeholders Proven ability to influence cross-functional teams without formal authority

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