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Here at Mavenoid, we are building a virtual product assistant that helps customers configure, use, and troubleshoot their products. With some of the world’s most iconic brands as clients and $10 million in funding, we're reinventing technical support. Our goal is to help customers repair more and replace less, make the most out of their products, and never wait on hold again. The role As Head of Product, your goal will be to enable the team to create the best possible product support experience for customers, making smooth tech support as accessible as email. Your first project will be one you'll remember 30 years from now: defining and shaping our new video support offering (because a live video stream is worth a million words when a customer has an issue with a physical, technical product).   As the first dedicated product person at Mavenoid, you will be setting the product vision in close collaboration with engineering, sales and our AI team, defining new features for our products and managing the firehose of ideas from within and from outside the company. You also will be digging into product usage data to generate insights and soliciting feedback the old fashioned way by talking to customers and end users, in order to understand what is happening, what’s working and where to direct the team’s efforts best. Responsibilities Set the product vision and strategy, and communicate it to stakeholders. Collect and curate product ideas and feedback. Define new product features. Ensure consistency and quality in the user experience of the product.   Solid prior experience in a product-centric role. We expect you to be a better product person than anyone else in the company from day 1. Know more, focus better, communicate better, teach more, run faster, be more efficient and more effective in a product role. We are a post-Series A startup, still small and nimble, but there is already a ship to steer. You should have had formative experiences that were deep enough to prepare you to do this job well. UI/UX design chops. You don't have to be a professional UI designer, but you should be able to produce UI sketches rapidly and effortlessly. You should possess a strong sense of general UX principles, and a sharp eye for detail in order to keep the bar high for product UI design and consistency. Data analysis skills. At scale, the only way to understand what is actually happening with the product is to look at the stats, and you should have enough quantitative and technical chops to dig in without having to rely on colleagues for help every time. Experience with B2B enterprise product management. Enterprise customers are an important customer segment for us, and working with enterprises has unique challenges due to more stakeholders, more commitments, more deadlines and many more details to track. You should be comfortable with dealing with corporates and slinging spreadsheets as the situation requires.  

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