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Kuali is hiring a Group Product Manager to drive innovation and empower our product teams as we continue to evolve our research administration and compliance suite, Kuali Research, to delight our users and other stakeholders in margin-enhancing, hard-to-copy ways. This role will be both an individual contributor and a mentor, leading the development of new modules of our software while strengthening the practice of product management across our business. Who are we? Kuali builds software solutions for higher education. We help our customers — colleges universities — focus on providing a fantastic education to students by decreasing their administrative costs. We work in a competitive space, ripe for innovation, with users ready to be delighted. Our Culture As a company, we are guided by our cultural values: Iterate to evolve Cultivate openness Act with accountability Assume the best Practice humility Deliver amazing experiences We work remotely, and have for years. Distributed work is in our bones, with a history of institutions working across state lines for many years. Our employees each work in the environment where they’re happiest, from Massachusetts to Hawaii. We work consciously to create a collaborative and healthy remote work culture, and we travel to meet in person a few times each year. Everyone should love their work. Kuali has been voted a top place to work for 3 years in a row by the Salt Lake Tribune. We also made Forbes' list of America's Best Startup Employers for 2020. Not too shabby. Requirements In this role, you’ll be responsible for: Developing and communicating the product vision. Keeping the core product team (UX, Product, Engineering) focused on discovering, providing, measuring, and validating customer / user value. Explaining what current problem needs to be solved and why, as well as what’s on the horizon (roadmap). Facilitating work with the team to set, measure, and validate goals, and communicate results. Creating an environment where great decisions are made by the team, and we learn quickly from decisions that don’t turn out to be so great. Leading the research work to ensure the team is talking to end users, buyers, influencers, and analysts. Guiding product team health. Mentoring other product managers to teach, learn, establish best practices, and work to create a strong practice of product management across our business line. Understanding the competitive landscape. Supporting sales and adoption growth. In this role, you’ll likely support and be consulted on these things but won’t be directly responsible for: The overall strategic direction of the business Business Line PL Partnerships with other products companies RFPs and other sales activity Marketing strategy for the product Marketing execution (events, campaigns, collateral, press, etc.) Onboarding / implementations Customer support Product documentation Raising money Benefits We’re looking for a curious, enthusiastic, empathetic, experienced leader to solve problems, execute on ideas, advocate for the customer, and contribute to a team culture built on trust and mutual respect. We believe the best results are achieved by teams who represent a broad range of ideas and perspectives. We value employees with diverse backgrounds and experiences. You look at our company values and think: I want to be in that environment and contribute to it You have 8+ years of experience creating products that delight and solve problems for customers. You enjoy a challenge and have experience leading the work of a software development team in an agile environment. You have a track record of combining business, technology, and budget challenges to produce high-impact end results You’re an amazing communicator. You listen, and your written, oral, and visual communication is clear, concise, and tuned carefully to your audience You’re a natural, self-motivated and directed leader who inspires your team, embraces teaching (and learning) opportunities, and provides constructive coaching and meaningful, stretching challenges You’re a resourceful, creative, problem solver You know your stuff. You can think your way through complex issues, have a keen eye for details, and talk about it all confidently, accurately, and honestly You’re cool under pressure. Things can get a bit hectic. You keep calm and carry on through even the most stressful of circumstances You enjoy a challenge and play to win You’re organized, communicative, and accountable—you own your role entirely, while being open to criticism, suggestions, edits, and new ideas You play nicely with others, but you’re not a pushover You’re passionate about your role in helping customers achieve their missions, and you advocate for them fiercely You’re curious and continuously seek knowledge and share your discoveries with others You’re looking for a cause. You work hard and, but you care about who you work with and how you work. BENEFITS Top-of-the-line equipment of your choice to get your job done A truly exceptional benefits package including full premium coverage for employee and dependent medical and dental care 401(k) matching Employee stock option plan Paid Maternity/Parental leave All the paid time off you need (just work it out with your manager) Allowance for continuing education, conferences, and/or training Employee resource groups and community events

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